Thursday, 8 October 2009

C & P Class of 2009

People of Strathclyde, we have an independent forum to exchange ideas and lesson suggestions. I really enjoyed our get together on Tuesday 6th Oct but Jane was much missed.

I reckon she must have been 'goosed' after the induction fortnight.

Anyhow, I posted my arrangement for 500 miles on First Class but it was a Sibelius file and not everyone has the same version of Sibelius so I thought I'd pass on the PDF files too except I can't find the method to do this...(Who shouted luddite?!)

Why don't you email me if you need any specific parts. You know where to find me ;-) Happy Days!

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  1. Is it that you don't know how to create a pdf or that you don't know how to post it here?